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Parents/student registration

  • Registration is Free. ( Only at Ignited Classes Academy/ in Greater Hyderabad ).

  • Parent/Student pay as a advance amount 50% of total monthly tuition fee to Academy/Institute.

  • Tutor should collect first month payment / salary from the Academy after completion of one month.

  • Academy charges fifty percent ( 50% ) salary of the first month of the every year for a long term running tuition. By any reason 1st month tuition disconnected, tutor has to pay 50% amount to academy

  • Academy helds responsibility of first month only, advance not refundable

  • Tutor should reach parents home 5 minutes before the appointed time of the same day. Tutor should give feedback about the DEMO which is given to the students in person or over the phone without fail on the same day.

  • Tutor should work at least for one month. If u want to leave or discontinue the tuition, should inform to the Academy15 days before, should not engage / introduce any unauthorized person to the parents without Academy permission. It is punishable offence.

  • Tutor should intimate to parents of discontinuation / absence of tuition / late going without fail.

  • Co-operate with Academy to offer you more tuitions and for long term relationship.

  • Tutor him / her self is responsible for all the claims him/her conduct, behavior, manners and thefts.

  • Tutors must have very good English communication skills.

  • Tutors must Know STATE,CBSE,IB,IGCSE&ICSE Syllabi in I-X (M,Sc) level. We wish you all the best & Refer our site to sincere Tutors across Hyderabad.

I accept above terms & conditions.